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Chairman of the Democratic National Party Jaime Harrison was on MSNBC today playing the “all is well” game, and the host also helped keep the projection party going:


The most pathetic part of that clip is both of them pretending not to understand why the Democrats are very likely on track to lose control of the House and/or Senate after the November midterms.

Democrats were lockdown maniacs for months and months, want to force everybody to get shots and the Biden administration’s going to have what amounts to an Orwellian hall monitor of speech installed at the DHS, but Republicans are the wannabe fascists? Nice try.

“Always accuse your opponent of that which you are guilty” is the modern-day Democrat mantra.


Also did you catch what the host said right at the end?

That should be a required disclosure any time somebody from MSNBC or CNN interviews a Democrat.

If you don’t agree you’re a fascist and of course a “grave threat to democracy.”

They offer blame deflection and think everybody’s dumb enough to think that’s a “solution.”



Hillary Clinton thinks DNC Chair Jaime Harrison hit the nail on the head calling GOP fascist and Tom Cotton ‘maggot-infested’

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