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Reuters does an important fact check on this video showing Bill Gates with an 'enlarged chest'

You might have noticed a video showing Bill Gates that’s been going around:


Does anything in particular stand out in that video?

Having solved all other falsehoods, Reuters put the above video under its microscope of scrutiny:

The Reuters fact-check team was all over it:

A digitally altered video making rounds on social media shows billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates with an enlarged chest.

Posts with the clip can be seen here, here, here comments questioning if he is “transitioning” or if he “got breast implants.”

But when comparing it to the unedited footage here, published on YouTube by entertainment site Gossip Bae on May 23, it is evident that Gates’ figure has been edited to make his chest look larger.
Altered. Footage of Gates crossing a street has been manipulated to enlarge his chest.

So it’s confirmed: We live in the most bizarre timeline.


Hey, it’s not like President Biden or anybody in his administration have been telling any lies lately (cue eye roll).

This appears to be the actual video:



Reuters reporter also reminds us that judge who vacated mask mandate was rated ‘not qualified’ by the ABA

Tom Elliott torches the straw man in Reuters’ fact-check defense of Dr. Fauci in flashback video

Elon Musk compares Bill Gates to the pregnant man emoji

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