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'Horrific and indefensible lie': Mollie Hemingway spotted something 'telling' in Biden's speech (about what's 'un-American')

President Biden spoke today at the U.S. Capitol where he used the 1/6 riot (that VP Kamala Harris equated to the Pearl Harbor and 9/11 attacks) as proof that the country needs the Dems’ “voting rights” bill to pass. Biden claimed that elections need to be federalized ahead of the midterm elections to thwart alleged Republican attempts at “voter suppression” (which is simply requiring voters to prove they’re who they say they are before casting a ballot):


Mollie Hemingway knows exactly what’s going on here:

Telling, and maddening. Biden’s clearly setting the stage for Democrats to scream “voter suppression” after big Democrat losses in the midterms that are very likely.


And parroted by a dutiful, water-carrying mainstream media.

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