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Hack-tastic: Reporter asks Jen Psaki why Biden isn't more focused on 'scolding the unvaccinated'

As we told you yesterday, President Biden once again called Covid-19 a pandemic of the unvaccinated:


Did that seem like Biden was scolding people? According to one reporter at today’s White House briefing, that’s not enough and Biden should up his shaming game:

How’s that for “journalism”? And we’re as surprised as you might be to discover that Biden hasn’t so far been focusing on scolding the unvaccinated.

There’s at least one reporter in the WH briefing room who thinks Biden needs to focus on that more.


And yet that reporter’s probably baffled as to why the media’s approval is in the toilet.

That sums up the state of “journalism” perfectly.

We’re surprised Rep. Eric Swalwell hasn’t yet suggested that threat.

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