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'Very green'! Biden flew to Europe & has an 85-vehicle motorcade ahead of meetings to address 'climate emergency'

President Biden has claimed that fossil fuel emissions contributing to climate change are “the number one threat facing humanity.” That is, unless those emissions are caused by somebody en route to meetings about addressing climate change:


How’s this for an eco-friendly motorcade:

We’re guessing Biden will claim that the emissions from that motorcade are the same as what his $3.5 trillion plan would cost: Zero.

Can you already feel the planet cooling?

Couple that with Air Force One and the other jets used on the trip and “man-made climate change” is a self-fulfilling prophecy.


If these people were serious about what they say is an “existential threat” they could have just had the meetings on Zoom.

But can it be driven across the entire country on a single tank of electricity?

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