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Neontaster highlights Jennifer Rubin's 4-part 'journey of self-discovery' on Gov. Andrew Cuomo

There are so many takes from the mainstream media and Democrats (pardon the redundancy) over the past year heaping high praise on New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo that have aged horribly, but @Neontaster spotted the Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin coming to quite a realization. Try not to get whiplash from the fast pivot here:


LOL. This is quite the evolution:

“#BeStillMyHeart”? OK…

Rubin, like so many others, chose to ignore reality in the name of “Orange Man Bad” and are now only recognizing it because there’s no other choice.




OOPSIE! Jennifer Rubin trips over herself SPECTACULARLY as she rushes to distance herself from The Lincoln Project (screenshot)

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