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'So brave': Becket Adams' thread confirms NOBODY loves the media more than the media

As we approach the final month of year four of the Trump presidency, the media are congratulating themselves on a job well done after a long stretch of helping the DNC push its narratives, which has obviously been exhausting work.


The Washington Examiner’s Becket Adams has a thread featuring members of the media patting themselves on the back so much that they’re at risk of dislocating their shoulders:

If that energy could be harnessed the entire planet could be powered for ten years:

The Dan Rather Award is particularly font-tastic:

It’s real, and it’s shamelessly spectacular.


They’re simply the best — just ask them!

Now the media are trying to re-energize for four years of carrying water for Biden and Harris. They’re definitely up to the task (they’ve already started).

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