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'Morally demented': Roger Waters gets shredded after slamming Bernie Sanders for supporting humanitarian aid to Venezuela

It became painfully obvious earlier this month that Pink Floyd founding member Roger Waters was against what he called the “TRUMP COUP” in Venezuela. Apparently Waters believes that the U.S. is intervening in “Venezuela’s democracy” so it can “PLUNDER THEIR OIL.”


With that in mind, Bernie Sanders — who isn’t exactly a vocal opponent of Nicolas Maduro — has denounced the blockage of humanitarian aid into Venezuela and violence against protesters:

Waters didn’t like that tweet at all, and questioned Sanders’ presidential cred in the process:

You’d think Waters and Sanders might be able to find more common ground than not when it comes to Venezuela, but not at the moment.


Waters has even made people who aren’t Sanders fans feel like they might have to defend Bernie on this one.



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