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Dan Bongino blocks NFL defensive lineman's attempt to sack the NRA with 1 reality-checking tweet

Dominique Hamilton is an NFL defensive tackle whose Twitter bio says has spent time with the Redskins, Chiefs and Giants, but he put football aside for a moment to present this challenge to 2nd Amendment proponents:


Hamilton didn’t have to wait too long, because Dan Bongino offered this answer, and not in the form of another question:

Well there’s that. If criminals obeyed gun laws certain progressive-run cities should be the safest places in the world!




‘YOU are not helping’! Dan Bongino takes NRA-blaming Alyssa Milano to SCHOOL about law-abiding gun owners

‘Bizarro’ world! Dan Bongino puts the Dems’ collusion finger-pointing into DIZZYING perspective

HA! WINNING! Dan Bongino just came up with the BEST Democratic campaign slogan for 2018 (you’ll fistpump)

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