The economy during the Biden presidency has hit a lot of people quite hard, but fortunately there are still some doing better than others.

Senator Bernie Sanders’ book condemning capitalism has reportedly been enough to help him more than keep up with inflation lately:

Just perfect…

It’s amazing that there were so many people unironically spending money on a book explaining why it’s OK to be angry at capitalism.

Sanders even did a live event to promote his book on “why capitalism is bad,” and tickets were available for up to $100 though Ticketmaster:

And Sanders’ book is also available on that notorious non-capitalist website


He’s so very anti-capitalist! Capitalism is bad unless it’s helping sell copies of your “why capitalism is bad” book.

That seems to be pretty much how Sanders operates.

We’ll close it out with Elon Muck mocking Sanders in the appropriate way:

The future paperback version of Sanders’ book should be “It’s OK to be Angry About Me Capitalizing from Capitalism While Promoting Socialism.”



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