On Truth Social this morning, former president and current Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump wrote that next week he’ll likely be arrested, while ending the post with “PROTEST, TAKE OUR NATION BACK”:


On MSNBC today Andrew Weissman was troubled that Trump didn’t use the word “peacefully” in his call to protest:

Trump did say to protest “peacefully” on January 6th and that didn’t seem to matter to the same people now complaining he didn’t include that word in his Truth Social post.

Rachel Maddow said that Trump is “playing with a fire he doesn’t know how to contain”:

In 2020 there didn’t seem to be much interest in containing any fire.

Solid advice, but what’s incredible about the Left’s reaction is the “protest” one-eighty that’s happening.

However, the Internet remembers:

Remember Nancy Pelosi’s “people will do what they do” comment?

Now that Trump has said people should protest his potential arrest it’s very likely these same people will call it a “threat to democracy.”


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