In addition to the derailment in East Palestine, Ohio that’s still a major concern in that area, there have been other accidents:

Two BNSF trains derailed in separate incidents in Arizona and Washington state on Thursday, with the latter spilling diesel fuel on tribal land along Puget Sound.

No injuries were reported. It wasn’t clear what caused either derailment.

The derailment in Washington occurred on a berm along Padilla Bay, on the Swinomish tribal reservation near Anacortes. Most of 5,000 gallons (nearly 19,000 liters) of spilled diesel fuel leaked on the land side of the berm rather than toward the water, according to the state Ecology Department.

Then there are what have been reported as a “string of US airline near-misses” (though as George Carlin once pointed out, a near miss is a hit so what they really mean is that there have been a string of near collisions):

Surging demand for air travel and pandemic-fuelled workforce disruptions are likely to blame for a string of close calls on US airport runways.

That’s according to leaders in the aviation industry, who met on Wednesday at an impromptu safety summit to address the spate of recent incidents.

The gathering took place a day after the launch of yet another federal probe into a near-collision between planes.

It is the seventh aviation incident to be investigated this year alone.

There are a lot of problems that have people worried, but don’t worry, because Buttigieg is making the media rounds to ease our fears.

No, not Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, but his husband Chasten who has a book to sell:

The Buttigieg who is not the Transportation Secretary was on “The View”:

On “The Daily Show” Chasten Buttigieg had a hard-hitting interview with an actor and former Obama WH staffer who recently gave President Biden a solid leg humping disguised as an “interview”:

And of course there were unchallenged lies about “book bans”:

In actuality, things seem to be a little more “dangerous” because of the administration for which competence isn’t a job requirement.



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