As we told you last night, Hunter Biden and his lawyers have obviously decided to go on the offensive when it comes to the topic of the contents of a laptop computer formerly reported as a “Russian disinformation campaign.” Hunter Biden and his legal team have admitted that the laptop is indeed real, but are claiming those who accessed and disseminated the president’s son’s personal information need to be criminally investigated:

Didn’t Hunter Biden “disseminate” the information by abandoning the laptop at a computer repair shop?

So it’s not Hunter’s fault for abandoning the laptop computer at a repair shop but some on the Right are to blame for finding out what it contained?

In any case, as evidenced by this Washington Post “fact-check,” the Bidens can count on the media to do a bit of water carrying on this subject:

One thing’s for sure, the amount of goalpost shifting that’s been done on this story in the last three years is amazing.

If you’re keeping score at home, the goalposts have been moved and the story formerly called “Russian disinformation” is now “sure it’s true but the laptop didn’t contain anything everybody else didn’t know.”




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