President Biden turning 80 this week sparked some media outlets to assure everybody that he’s not too old for the job. The New York Times recently went as far as to report that “age is more than a number”:

The Washington Post is also getting in on the “is Biden too old for the job” action, but the headline for this one might make you say “WHAT!?”

Yes indeed, that’s the real deal right there:

That reminds me a little of the title of Stephen Colbert’s book “I Am America (and So Can You).”

It seems that the journo in question is making a huge stretch in order to make it seem like Biden isn’t too old for the job. Why is that? Because the country is also older (this doesn’t make sense to me either):

I think the point that the reporter is trying to make is that Biden’s older but so is the U.S. population. Maybe something like that?

This made me wonder how Biden’s age compared to the nation’s. He’s the oldest president ever, but America is the oldest America ever. Did that make his age less exceptional? I pulled data on the country’s population over the past 120 years and compared it to the age of the president during that period. And I can say: yes, Biden’s age is still exceptional.

The chart below shows the percentage of the population each year that’s the same age as or older than the president who served the majority of that year. (President ages are as of Dec. 31 of the year.)

The entire article seems to be a big ol’ grasp for some straws to distract us from what we see and hear from Biden almost every day. His cognitive state is the problem, not just that he’s 80 years old.


The passage of time does tend to have its significance. Kamala taught us well.



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