A recent article seems to have sparked a “eureka” moment of sorts that was discussed today on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program. It seems that the average voter might place more voting weight in the economy and crime than “abstract ideas” the Dems are trying to distract everybody with:

There’s no doubt the Democrats would rather have voters focused on “abstract ideas” instead of what’s actually happening.

The core of that midterm fascination came by way of an article in the Los Angeles Times this week:

Jon Gabriel is among those who seem somewhat amused that it’s taken the Left this long to figure it out:

It seems that there are still some who still didn’t listen to James Carville when he said “it’s the economy stupid.”

From the L.A Times article that “Morning Joe” was focused on:

The Jan. 6 assault on the Capitol is not a top-tier issue for voters. According to my colleague Melanie Mason in The Times, there is little sign that it — or the precarious condition of American democracy it has come to symbolize — will draw many people to the polls in November or determine a swing voter’s choices.

Similarly, climate change, the looming catastrophe that scientists say will upend our lives in the years ahead, ranks 24th on a list of 29 issues that voters say they’ll think about when deciding whom to vote for in the upcoming midterms, according to the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication.

So how about the war in Ukraine, which could reshape the map of Europe and even escalate into a nuclear conflict? That’s not of enormous concern to American voters either. Nor is the U.S. relationship with China, despite its obvious ramifications for long-term global peace and prosperity.

No, Americans these days — and particularly the swing voters who are being watched and courted so assiduously — are underwhelmed by abstract ideas, faraway crises or problems scheduled to materialize sometime in the future.

Democrats might be crushed to discover that many voters are concerned about the economy being wrecked, schools being infiltrated by insane leftists and rising crime:

With some exceptions, they’re focused on the here and now. Pocketbook issues. Quality-of-life issues. Better schools. Safer streets. The cost of living.

No kidding!?

Hence Biden and the Democrats’ fixation with “MAGA extremists” and so forth.



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