Yesterday President Biden fired up Air Force One to head to the Detroit Auto Show and pitch clean energy. Biden entered while holding hands with Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, who is up for re-election in November:

Uh oh, Whitmer’s Fauci pillow is going to get jealous! But at least no Covid was spread in the building because Jill Bi… er, sorry, DOCTOR Jill Biden… was wearing a mask.

The Associated Press, which always goes above and beyond the call of journalistic duty to puff up Biden, presented this approach to Biden’s appearance at the Detroit Auto Show:

Does simply owning a Corvette make one a “gearhead”? I own four cars so that must make me a master mechanic!

Hey look, “Amtrak Joe” is also a “car guy,” a self-applied label the AP passes along here without question:

President Joe Biden, a “car guy” with his own vintage Corvette, showcased his administration’s efforts to promote electric vehicles during a visit Wednesday to the Detroit auto show.

Biden traveled to the massive North American International Auto Show to plug the huge new climate, tax and health care law that offers tax incentives for buying electric vehicles. He toured a mix of American-manufactured hybrid, electric and combustion vehicles from Chevrolet, General Motors, Ford and Stellantis on a closed-off convention center floor, and greeted union workers, CEOs and local leaders.

“You all know I’m a car guy,” Biden told a roaring crowd of autoworkers, adding that cars “just give me a sense of optimism — although I like the speed too.”

Could “gearhead” Biden even change the oil in a car? The AP lapdogs are at it again.

As always, the Biden administration thanks the Associated Press for their service.

If Biden ever does another sit-down interview maybe a reporter can test “gearhead” Biden’s car knowledge.

That’s an excellent point! The people who can change the definition of anything will simply consider a “gearhead” to be “any Democrat president who owns a car.”



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