In an Associated Press story about an effort backed by Democrat fundraisers to purchase Spanish-language radio stations in south Florida, something odd was spotted:

Remember, these are the same journalism outfits that are helping police the accuracy of claims made by others:

A correction was eventually issued:

MIAMI (AP) — In a story published June 9, 2022, about the purchase of Spanish-language radio stations, The Associated Press erroneously identified a woman as Martha Flores, former host of a show on Radio Mambi in Miami, one of the stations in the proposed deal. Flores died in 2020. The woman’s identity was unclear but she attended an event expressing concern with the sale held by a coalition called the Assembly of the Cuban Resistance.

The AP never did explain how the “error” occurred.

And yet the media remains baffled as to why their credibility has gone down the toilet.

The NY Post version of the AP story has yet to be corrected. This is still there:

Martha Flores, who hosts an evening show on Radio Mambi, isn’t sure about that. She attended the news conference but declined to speak.

“Look at this,” Flores said, pointing at her eyes watering. “I know I would just cry.”

Another banner day for AP “journalism.”



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