The midterm elections are less than six months away and the Associated Press seems to want their readers to believe the Republicans are unfairly “attacking” President Biden and the Democrats over a host of issues:

Ah, “journalism”! It can’t possibly be because Biden and the Dems (the party in full control) are to blame for any of that — it must be Republican pouncing that’s making the problems worse.

Come on, GOP, stop victimizing the POTUS!

There is absolutely no doubt that would be the case.

There’s a whole lotta pouncing going on, according to the AP:

Republicans aiming to retake control of Congress have already sharpened a message centering around blaming Democrats for high inflation, expensive gas, migrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border and violent crime in some cities.

But GOP leaders landed on an issue this week that it hopes could prove even more potent: tying President Joe Biden to a shortage in baby formula.

Parents are suddenly running into bare supermarket and pharmacy shelves in part because of ongoing supply disruptions and a recent safety recall. But in an election year that was already shaping up to be rocky for Democrats, Republicans sense that the shortage could prove to be an especially tangible way to argue that Biden is incapable of quickly solving problems confronting the U.S.

The person who is proving over and over that “Biden is incapable of solving problems” is Biden.

But don’t anybody dare blame Dems for all the problems in the country.

The AP couldn’t possibly be more predictable.



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