President Biden again today did a bit of stumbling around his words while trying to remind everybody he’s building a better America for everybody. However, whoever’s tweeting from the POTUS Twitter account didn’t stumble or stutter while lying about how awesome the economy is chugging along:

As usual, the gaslighting coming from the Biden White House vs. what’s actually happening are night and day, and the constant brags about “building a better America” is just another example of that. Meanwhile, in the real world…

Many are being forced to either delay retirement or un-retire to re-enter the workforce:

This just reeks of “Build Back Better”:

Retiring is usually accompanied by celebrations and relaxation, but recent market volatility is adding a measure of doubt for those nearing or at the start of their retirement. That volatility, coupled with macroeconomic factors such as rising interest rates and high inflation, has many investors worried about their retirement funds and wondering what they can do to weather the storm.

Over the past year, an estimated 1.5 million retirees have re-entered the U.S. labor market due to such factors as more flexible work arrangements, rising costs and the inability to keep up while on a fixed income. Additionally, according to the BMO Real Financial Progress Index, 25% of Americans feel they have to delay their retirement plans, primarily due to disrupted savings resulting from increased prices and market instability.

And of course this administration touts retirees being forced to rejoin the workforce as “job creation”:

The level of audacity for this administration to also count jobs restored after pandemic shutdowns as “jobs created” is off the charts.

All the Biden administration offers in its defense is “don’t vote for the MAGA forces!” If CBS’s Market Watch was being serious about helping people financially one of those five tips would have been “stop voting for Democrats.”



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