As we told you this afternoon, Barack and Michelle Obama were back in the White House for an unveiling of their official White House portraits:

During Obama’s remarks he reminded President Biden that it’s “America’s good fortune” to have him as the country’s president and sparked more than a few huge eye rolls. But it was quickly apparent that the media and others missed Obama big time. We’ll start with a Duke professor’s effusive praise for the Obamas and their portraits:

Over on MSNBC, Jonathan Alter could hardly contain himself:

“Big ears” is a value now? Also Obama’s the person most responsible for the current state of politics in the US so watching the media portray him as some sort of puritanical politician is nauseating.

Naturally some other people on CNN got in on the fawning action:

You can tell the media really have missed being able to carry the Obamas on their shoulders.

No kidding!


That is so true.



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