President Biden’s effort to rally the midterm troops will begin tonight in a Washington, DC suburb at a high school:

Naturally this is in a “safely democratic” area so maybe there will be a sizable crowd for Biden in the art classroom or wherever the “rally” will be held in the school:

This is sure to be a barnburner:

President Joe Biden on Thursday will stage his first political rally in the final stretch to the November midterm congressional elections, looking to give Democrats a boost and prevent Republicans from taking control of Congress.

The Democratic National Committee event at Richard Montgomery High School, located in a Maryland suburb of Washington and featuring a host of Maryland political leaders, will begin for Biden what the White House has billed as a coast-to-coast tour to help Democratic candidates.

He is to speak at 7 p.m. EDT. A party official said Biden will be “highlighting the choice voters will have in the upcoming midterms.”

The excitement is already palpable!

Will White House staff still draw those circles on the floor to keep everybody far apart as an excuse to cover the fact hardly anybody was there except for the media? Stay tuned.

Considering Biden’s disapproval it’s unlikely he’ll ever be sent to campaign in any area that isn’t already solidly blue.



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