Back in 2019 NBC News reporter Ken Dilanian struggled to come to grips with a Senate panel finding that there was no collusion in 2016 between Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia:

But at the time, just to convince the anti-Trump Resistance that the dream didn’t die that day, Dilanian also pointed out what the Senate panel didn’t say:

Of course you know how all that turned out. The bottom line is that “reporters” like this particular one from NBC News don’t report news as much as they help drive narratives. Here’s another example and it shows Dilanian on “Meet the Press” doing the journalism thing by speculating like crazy with no evidence to back any of it up:

The MSM just hopes that nobody remembers what these same people were pushing not all that long ago that ended up being completely bogus:

“Could,” “might,” “maybe,” and “according to sources” are all incredibly huge red flags when they’re seen in “news” stories.

“Journalists” just can’t stop, mostly because they were obviously allowed to get away with it the first time, so why shouldn’t they feel empowered to keep doing it?

And a ratio is being delivered!

Yeah, it sure took a while for the DOJ/FBI to get around to retrieving these super sensitive documents.

Exactly. “Journalism” is dead and the same people who killed it are still working as “journalists” while wondering why trust in the media is so low. It’s unbelievable.



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