The FBI raid on former President Donald Trump’s home at Mar-a-Lago has raised even more questions about the DOJ and FBI, and Matt Vespa covered some of them today over at Townhall:

When the FBI raided Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home, the allegations of overreach were resurrected, along with the absurd narrative around the Russian collusion hoax. The Justice Department threw a dragnet on the former president’s home to find something that could tie him to that long-debunked Democratic Party myth. The additional layers of inanity revolved around the suspicion that classified nuclear secrets were on the premises. Was this a Hail Mary throw to find anything to disqualify the former president from running again based on the Russian investigation? Probably. It was undoubtedly executed as a warning for him not to run again. Even liberals can see that, though they probably relish agents of the state being used to harass their political enemies. But another theory has been mentioned, again casting the FBI in an irresponsible light.

However, many in the “truth to power” media know that somebody needs to defend the FBI, and MSNBC’s Morning Joe apparently figured there’s nobody better to vouch for the bureau’s integrity than fired former agent Peter Strzok:

“Only a fraction of Strzok’s texts were focused on his opposition to Trump.” LOL.

The fact that the media can’t see why speaks volumes.




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