It all started when NBC News’ senior national political reporter Sahil Kapur tweeted a link to a story he co-authored about how the Democrats’ “surprise climate and health care bill” came together:

It can’t help but be noticed that there seems to be an attempt to take the focus off the “inflation reduction” aspect of the bill that’s right there in its title:

We’ve noticed that reports about the “Inflation Reduction Act” are increasingly harder to find, but Kapur tried to point out that the media were calling it a “climate and health bill” even before it passed:

Ok, but that’s not cutting it:

And of course NBC News isn’t alone in this particular media pivot because they too are well aware claims this hundreds of billions in new spending will not reduce inflation:

Reports about the “Inflation Reduction Act” are rapidly turning into stories about the Dems’ “climate, tax and health legislation.”

The media’s more than happy to help the Democrats peddle another batch of snake oil.

That’s pretty much what’s happening.



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