Frankly we have no idea why any Democrats would be concerned about continuing to spin the issue of inflation, especially since Biden and his administration have been telling us that it’s currently “zero”:

Hey, the Biden administration has redefined “recession” so why not change the meaning of “zero” while they’re at it?

However, on the subject of inflation. Dem Rep. Pramila Jayapal tried to dismiss the term altogether as more of a “theoretical” thing:

Yeah? Well “theoretically” family budgets don’t stretch nearly as far as they used to. Perhaps Jayapal should have the Dems change the title of their new bill to the “Theoretical Word That Economists Use Reduction Act.”

If there’s inflation the next time a Republican is America’s president it most certainly won’t be described as “a theoretical word.”

For some reason we’re guessing that Paul Krugman would totally agree with Rep. Jayapal.

Americans are theoretically out of money much faster after going to the store these days, but what’s not theoretical is that the Democrats’ spin on inflation has been nothing short of full-blown gaslighting.

The only things they seem to be serious about is wrecking the economy even more.



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