In a recent interview, first lady Jill Biden said that she wishes Americans could see how hard her husband is working. What complicates Jill Biden’s wish for us to see how hard President Biden is working is that her fully vaxxed, double-boosted and oft masked husband keeps testing positive for Covid-19 and is staying isolated.

Here’s an update: Biden’s still testing positive:

Another day with no questions? Color us shocked.

How long will it be? Place your bets!

At least Biden seems determined not to give his phone Covid:

We need to know one more thing:

Dr. Jha should be asked if Biden showed him his clean plate again today.

No brag about how Biden hasn’t been hospitalized for Covid but Trump was from the White House yet today, but the day is young. However, the White House IS bragging about something else:

So they’re not going to call it “Putin’s price decrease”? What a surprise.

Does this mean the “corporate greed” this administration also blamed for high gas prices is coming to an end, or no?



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