About a month ago, we were seeing pieces with headlines like, “Leave Biden Alone” and “Give Biden a Break.” Lately, though, we’ve been seeing some hope in the liberal media that he’s about to turn things around. President Joe Biden’s approval rating is still in the toilet, but we got to see him on a White House balcony Monday night announcing a successful drone strike on al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri. Jonathan Lemire writes in Politico that “Biden world sees vindication in his Afghanistan drawdown one year and one drone strike later.”

Lemire writes:

Last August, an explosion in Afghanistan knocked Joe Biden’s presidency off course. A burst of violence left 13 American troops dead, shattered the administration’s central claim of competence and sparked a nearly yearlong slide for the White House.

Nearly 12 months later, another strike in Kabul marks, what the White House hopes will be, a turning of the page on the presidency’s darkest day — one that could aid a potential Biden revival.

That bombing punctuated the disastrous early days of America’s military withdrawal from that nation after 20 years of war. The chaotic exit left a powerful vacuum that dangerous, repressive forces have filled: Zawahri appears to have been given safe harbor in downtown Kabul by the Taliban; thousands of Afghans who aided the Western coalition remain trapped there; personal liberties have been taken away yet again from women and girls in the nation.

Even the mainstream media couldn’t cover for Biden’s incompetence when it came to the Afghanistan withdrawal — that really was the point where Biden’s approval began to plummet. But Lemire points out another recent victory for Biden: the Inflation Reduction Act. Are Biden’s fortunes changing?

Even the way they put it sounds iffy: “a potential Biden revival.” Not happening.