The incredibly disingenuous bunch in the White House that counts millions of jobs restored after mandated shutdowns as jobs this administration created is back at it, this time with gas prices. How’s this for an attempted brag?

Not to be outdone, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg got in on the action:

So, if you’re keeping score at home:

Biden’s approval rating continuing to plummet would indicate that nobody’s buying their BS.

That’s apparently how they’d like us to believe this all works. And speaking of things that are dropping:

Is there anything more maddening than gov’t officials who make things a lot more crappy, then when they get just slightly less crappy but still way more crappy than before, they brag about it?

They really think everybody’s stupid.

Wait, what happened to the “incredible transition” that this administration was happy to usher in?

Right? These people just can’t make up their minds.

The Biden White House is trying to make something clear:

Nice try, Dems, but nobody’s buying it.


The Biden White House can’t even brag without embarrassing themselves:



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