In the Maryland GOP gubernatorial primary yesterday, Trump-backed candidate Dan Cox emerged victorious:

Del. Dan Cox defeated former state Commerce Secretary Kelly Schulz to win the Republican nomination for governor in a competitive race that pitted two sides of the GOP against each other.

Cox, endorsed by former President Donald Trump, was leading Schulz, who was Republican Gov. Larry Hogan’s hand-picked successor 56% to 40% when The Associated Press called the race just after 11 p.m.

This is how CNN’s Jake Tapper framed the story:

That’s got “journalism” written all over it!

Maybe CNN should have on Rep. Adam “Russia collusion” Schiff to get his opinion on the “pusher of election lies” that won the Maryland gubernatorial primary.

A “pusher of election lies” was (and is) a frequent guest on CNN, not that anybody there is self-aware enough to see the irony:




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