As Twitchy reported earlier, CNN hall monitor Oliver Darcy complained that Joe Rogan, unlike CNN, doesn’t verify the accuracy of his COVID-related content. Rogan “creates a false equivalence,” Darcy continued, by balancing some “frankly anti-vaccine takes” with some “authoritative voices.” Darcy also used the phrase “public health consensus” more than a couple of times, which reminds us of how man-made climate change is also a fact because of the scientific consensus alone.

Jake Tapper dipped into some authoritative discussion on COVID-19 Monday when he said it’s “a little bit frustrating” that people are demanding that schools be open and children not mandated to wear masks, even though most of them haven’t been vaccinated.

Is he talking about those cloth masks, which his network’s own health analyst said were “little more than facial decoration”?


It’s a bit frustrating, though … why not wait until 100 percent of children are vaccinated and boosted and then have them wear masks as a precaution?


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