Before White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre used her Big Book of Talking Points to answer questions from reporters in the briefing room today, Biden economic adviser Jared Bernstein led things off and it was nothing short of a gaslight-palooza.

We’ll start here:

Katie Pavlich torpedoes that claim with one tweet:

But wait, there’s more! Here’s how Bernstein tried to explain away this administration having previously waived off inflation as “transitory,” and this sounds like something Kamala Harris would say:


Harris has run out of speechwriters, so any port in a storm.

Sure the Biden White House has been wrong about everything, but don’t let that make you doubt anything they’re saying today:

Here’s a more honest version of that same answer from Bernstein:

As we told you earlier, President Biden is taking credit for a drop in gas prices and the White House is now bragging about saving the average driver about $25 a month. Previously these same people have claimed that a president can do very little to affect the price of gas (that was of course Putin’s fault). Now that the price is dropping the White House is trying to give Biden the credit. Bernstein says that’s not what’s happening at all:

HAHAHA! Please…

“How we’ve been framing all this is not how we’ve been framing all this.”

Yep, we’re in the best of hands.



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