At an event today outside the White House, President Biden was heckled during his speech on the new gun control law he recently signed. Biden’s speech was full of the usual WTF moments, such as when he said the Parkland shooting happened in 1918:

The White House has yet to post a transcript so we’ll wait and see if they do some repair work on that, but Biden also tried to relate to gun owners concerned about their 2nd Amendment rights by reminding them that he owns four shotguns:

That’s two more shotguns than Biden had last month:

That’s correct. Four weeks ago Biden said he owns two shotguns:

President Joe Biden said that he owns firearms, rebuffing critics of his push to pass new gun-safety laws in the wake of a Texas elementary school massacre and a racist attack in Buffalo, New York.

“I’m a gun owner. I own two shotguns,” Biden told donors at a Democratic Party fundraiser in Los Angeles on Friday. “The point I’m making is the Second Amendment is not absolute.”

Now, is it possible Biden could have bought a couple shotguns in the last month without anybody in the press pool noticing a Delaware bike ride to the gun store? The odds seem slim. The most likely explanation is the usual one: Biden’s lying. OR


According to Hunter Biden, the number is five:

Whatever the actual number, the lesson as always is don’t take Biden’s advice when it comes to “gun safety”:

“Fire the shotgun through the door” was quite the statement.