This afternoon, President Biden delivered a dishonest and incoherent address about a new pro-abortion executive order during which there were more angry swipes at Supreme Court conservatives.

However, Biden led things off with some economic claims. The president began his address by doing what he always does: Gaslighting like crazy:

Remember Biden and his defenders saying presidents can’t affect gas prices? That’s the rule when prices are going up (or blaming Putin of course), but when there’s a slight drop, suddenly it’s “I did that”:

Gas is still around five bucks a gallon in many areas (or even more) but they’re already bragging about it dropping a few cents?

Also try not to cry.

Biden has literally said the misery is part of the “incredible transition.”

The only reason the country isn’t worse off economically is that Biden’s been blocked from implementing the rest of his spend-a-palooza agenda.

If this administration has their way, never.



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