Flight delays and cancellations have worsened as Independence Day weekend kicks off, and it’s causing headaches everywhere:

From CNBC:

Airlines canceled nearly 600 flights on Friday and more than 7,600 others arrived late, a tough start to a busy holiday weekend after a messy spring for air travel angered passengers and drew sharp criticism from Washington.

The delays included more than 970 American Airlines flights, nearly 30% of the carrier’s mainline schedule for the day, and 756 Delta flights, about a quarter of the airline’s schedule, according to a tally from FlightAware. Thunderstorms delayed many flights at some of the country’s busiest hubs.

The disruptions eased to about 700 delayed flights by Saturday morning.

Buck Sexton wasn’t buying the “weather” excuse that many travelers have been given for the delays:

But fear not, because Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has tweeted a thread describing how travelers with canceled flights can go about getting refunds:

Maybe another solution would be to get a competent Transportation Department and a White House that didn’t spend the last year saying to airline employees “if you don’t like the vax mandate then quit.”

Buttigieg’s list of tips that sound more suitable for a local news segment continued:

How do we get a refund for this entire administration?

Maybe “try appointing somebody who’s actually qualified to be Transportation Secretary to the position of Transportation Secretary” should be on the list of pointers.

Yeah, we’re just supposed to forget about all that now.

Other than that he’s doing a great job! *Eyeroll*

Is there anything in the U.S. that hasn’t become a complete cluster since Biden took office?



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