Last month Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg made it abundantly clear that the Biden administration doesn’t really care that Americans are paying record-high prices for gas because it will only force a transition to a “clean energy” future. Buttigieg has also made it clear that the Left’s plans will involve some “nudging” to take place:

Well, there it is.

Now the Democrats are just saying it right out loud.

From the Associated Press:

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg on Monday announced the availability of money over five years under his department’s new Safe Streets & Roads for All program.

The aim will be to provide a direct infusion of federal cash to communities that pledge to promote safety for the multiple users of a roadway, particularly pedestrians and bicyclists.

Federal data being released this week by the Transportation Department is expected to show another big jump in U.S. traffic deaths through 2021, reflecting continued risky driving that began with the coronavirus pandemic in March 2020. Fatalities among pedestrians and cyclists have been rising faster than those within vehicles.

Here’s a better idea:

The Democrat “plan” apparently allows crime to run rampant in large U.S. cities and forces everybody who lives there to be “nudged” into public transportation or ride a bicycle around high crime areas. What could possibly go wrong? No thanks, Mayor Pete.

It’s just science.

Most of this administration’s plans do not actually have anything to do with the purported “problem” they say needs to be solved. They’re just power & money grabs as usual.

Biden administration officials like Buttigieg would really like to take away your car so you don’t have a way to flee the big city dystopias leftist policies are creating.