Yesterday, while President Biden spoke briefly with reporters outside the White House before getting aboard Marine One to head to the beach house in Delaware, first lady Jill Biden reminded him that “we gotta go!”

So off the Bidens went, along with their cat:

While gas prices remain at all-time record highs, inflation is devouring family budgets and Biden’s approval rating continues to crater, CNN did the “journalism” thing and profiled Willow the White House cat:


In the dog days of summer, Willow the cat rules the roost.

On Friday, Willow’s crate was spotted being carried by a staff member from the White House residence to Marine One, the presidential helicopter that will ferry the feline – along with President Joe Biden and first lady Dr. Jill Biden – to Rehoboth, Delaware, and the family’s beach house.

Whether a cat can appreciate a sojourn by the sea remains questionable, but for Willow, the Rehoboth house is one of several changes of scenery she gets to appreciate as a presidential pet.
When she is not being whisked away for the weekend, Willow has privileges to roam the White House. She is predominantly restricted to the White House executive residence’s private second and third floors, where CNN is told Willow particularly enjoys the solarium, a bright space above the South Portico, where she “receives lots of attention from the Executive Residence staff.” In Wilmington and at Camp David, “she often sits on the porch in the sun,” says LaRosa.

Hopefully Willow didn’t witness her owner falling off his bike earlier today. That could have been traumatizing!

In a way it’s kind of telling:

Jen Psaki certainly couldn’t wait to jump ship and make a lateral but much more lucrative move to MSNBC.

Brutal… just brutal.

Does Willow know anything about effective and realistic energy policy and how to handle inflation? Because that would be helpful right now.



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