Yesterday in Washington, DC during the American Constitution Society’s National Convention, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor risked triggering unhinged haters of Clarence Thomas with some nice words about her SCOTUS colleague:

Here’s part of what Justice Sotomayor said:

“Justice Thomas is the one justice in the building that literally knows every employee’s name, every one of them. And not only does he know their names, he remembers their families’ names and histories,” she said.

“He’s the first one who will go up to someone when you’re walking with him and say, ‘Is your son okay? How’s your daughter doing in college?’ He’s the first one that, when my stepfather died, sent me flowers in Florida.”

It’s nice to hear some calmer rhetoric at a time when there’s been a plot to assassinate Justice Kavanaugh and unhinged protesters have been showing up in front of the private residences of conservative members of the Court.

The “nothing but hate and contempt is acceptable” Left will not like this at all.



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