President Biden and many Democrats have been blaming Putin and the pandemic for any and all economic woes the U.S. is going through while at the same time warning that the “ultra MAGA” wing of the GOP would do worse (if that’s even possible).

How’s that been playing with the public? Nobody’s buying the BS:

From Reuters:

U.S. President Joe Biden’s public approval rating fell this week to 36%, the lowest level of his presidency, as Americans suffered from rising inflation, according to a Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll completed on Tuesday.

The two-day national poll found that 59% of Americans disapprove of Biden’s job performance. His overall approval was down six percentage points from 42% last week.

Biden’s approval rating has been below 50% since August, raising alarms that his Democratic Party is on track to lose control of at least one chamber of Congress in the Nov. 8 midterm election.

The Biden admin spin is so ridiculous that nobody believes it. If anything it’s having the reverse effect.

“Ultra MAGA” isn’t cutting it either.

Right? Imagine what the real number is if these polls weren’t first filtered through the lib media.

Not long ago former President Bill Clinton called Biden a “get the job done leader who cares more about the people than the polls.” According to the polls, the people don’t care for the job Biden’s done.

The Biden White House’s response will be to switch to calling the GOP “super-duper mega-MAGA meanie Republicans” and hopes that starts to move the needle in their direction.

Just imagine two and a half more years of this administration.