Everybody knows that the Democrat/MSM narratives never match up with reality, and perhaps the biggest recent example of that were the “Trump/Russia collusion” claims back in 2016 that are now imploding. But “voter suppression” is also Dem/media favorite, and Georgia’s election law last year brought with it “Jim Crow on steroids” claims from Dems all the way up to President Biden. However, yet again, the reality isn’t matching up with the scare-mongering, and Drew Holden spotted yet another example:

The shot, from June of 2021:

And the chaser not even a year later:

Give yourselves a hand, Dems and the media!

But the Left got a big narrative-driven news cycle out of it, so there’s that.

Major League Baseball moving last year’s All-Star Game out of Georgia quickly backfired on Stacey Abrams.

As usual, there will be no apologies or even backpedals. The Left knew it was BS from the start but obviously that didn’t matter.



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