A few days ago, failed (yes, failed) Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams expressed disappointment at the MLB’s decision to relocate this year’s All-Star Game from Atlanta to Denver. Today, a scoop from Atlanta Journal Constitution political reporter Greg Bluestein may shed some more light on how Abrams has been feeling about this whole thing:

Stacey Abrams opposes boycotts? Now that’s news to us.

What? You mean you don’t? But there are “sources”!

Last time we checked, Stacey Abrams was pretty unequivocal in her commitment to punishing anyone who doesn’t subscribe to her political point of view. So what’s this business about her “strongly” urging the MLB to keep the game in Atlanta? Something doesn’t quite add up.

Or maybe it adds up perfectly.

See, maybe she wasn’t so much disappointed that the MLB made a purely political decision as she was worried about how that purely political decision could come back to bite her. Or maybe brave firefighter Greg Bluestein is worried about how it could come back to bite her. Or maybe both of them are worried about how it could come back to bite her.

In any event, don’t be surprised if this comes back to bite her.

Tough break, Stacey Abrams.

“Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.”

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