As you know, California Gov. Gavin Newsom and other Dems in that state have lofty “clean energy” goals for their state:

Square up all these “California will run on 100 percent clean energy” goals with reality and it leads to quite a shot & chaser:

Are the wheels already coming off?

From Reuters:

California energy officials on Friday issued a sober forecast for the state’s electrical grid, saying it lacks sufficient capacity to keep the lights on this summer and beyond if heatwaves, wildfires or other extreme events take their toll.

The update from leaders from three state agencies and the office of Governor Gavin Newsom comes in response to a string of challenges with the ambitious transition away from fossil fuels, including rolling blackouts during a summer heat wave in 2020.
In an online briefing with reporters, the officials forecast a potential shortfall of 1,700 megawatts this year, a number that could go as high as 5,000 MW if the grid is taxed by multiple challenges that reduce available power while sending demand soaring, state officials said during an online briefing with reporters.

Gee, what could possibly go wrong in California?

But they can’t give up on those progressive and “woke” goals, even if it’s ultimately self-defeating and detrimental to people who live in the state.

California voters had a chance to remove Newsom from office but didn’t take advantage of the opportunity.



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