With just a few months until the midterm elections, inflation is the top concern among voters and numbers like these have to be alarming the Democrats:

Among voters the Democrats are losing over inflation is Hispanics, according to Reuters:

Of 35 Hispanic voters Reuters spoke to in two toss-up races in Arizona and Colorado, 20 – including Aguirre – said soaring inflation is causing them to seriously consider voting for Republicans. The majority of those said they usually vote Democrat.

Many said they don’t necessarily blame Democrats but have lost faith in their ability to solve inflation and are increasingly willing to let Republicans try.

Even a small loss of support among Hispanics – a key component of the Democratic coalition of voters that brought President Joe Biden to power – could mean the loss of the House of Representatives and possibly the Senate for Democrats.

Add it all up and the Dems know they have a real problem on their hands. What’s the “solution” for the Biden White House? Ramping up the gaslighting in epic fashion by blaming “MAGA Republicans” for the economic situation:

The Biden White House really hopes everybody’s stupid. The Democrats control the White House, Senate and the House and yet what’s happening is somehow the fault of “MAGA Republicans” who would only make things worse if they regain control? Please.

Somebody alert the Ministry of Truth!

President Biden’s address about the economy was full of warnings about “the MAGA crowd.” Apparently the White House has realized that blaming Putin for everything isn’t flying, but they’re not entirely finished with heaping some blame on the Russian president either:

To sum up who the White House blames for America’s economy: Everybody except themselves and the Democrats.