The 2022 midterm elections are about six months away, and anything can happen, but the trend for the Democrats hoping to maintain control of the House and Senate is looking pretty grim. President Biden of course isn’t on any ballot this year, but numbers like this from Massachusetts certainly won’t help Dems running in the midterms:

From the Boston Globe:

In March 2020, President Biden swept through Massachusetts’ Democratic primary with a come-from-behind Super Tuesday victory. He later topped Donald Trump by 33 ½ percentage points here, his second-largest margin of victory in November. Few places lean more Democratic than Massachusetts, according to political forecasters.

But even in this deep blue stronghold, Biden has fallen hard.

Just 46 percent of registered Massachusetts voters say they approve of the job Biden is doing as president, with about the same proportion giving him a thumbs down, according to a new Suffolk University/Boston Globe poll. Of the 765 registered voters surveyed, just two more — 354 to 352 — said they disapproved.

And yet Biden and the Dems keep doubling down on anything and everything that people don’t like or want.

Maybe it is.

Biden’s net approval rating is underwater in FORTY states according to Morning Consult. Only Dems in the safest of districts will want Biden to come and campaign with them.



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