When Biden took office he promised to be a “unifier,” which was laughable then and is even more laughable now. In spite of the fact that the Democrats control the White House, Senate and House, it’s being reported that Biden plans to take out some frustrations on Republicans, but in a totally unifying fashion, or something:

According to CNN’s story, Biden doesn’t know why his approval remains low in spite of the fact that his administration keeps doubling down on unpopular initiatives. Biden’s also reportedly unhappy that the media’s not carrying more water for the Dems:

President Joe Biden has been letting loose in private conversations in recent weeks, railing about the factors bogging down his approval ratings and the people he thinks aren’t helping – including Democrats eyeing his job despite his clear promise to run for reelection.

He’s gearing up for intense midterm campaigning built around hammering Republicans, as he tries to save Democrats in the House and Senate, but also to tee up a reelection campaign that for now is expected to be announced by next spring.

Biden is frustrated that journalists aren’t calling out Republicans for, as he sees it, giving up their principles in pursuit of power, according to a dozen people familiar with the President and his inner circle.

Biden’s “gearing up for intense midterm campaigning”? Are any Democrats going to want Biden campaigning for them? Certainly not many who are in toss-up districts.

Somebody might “go on the attack,” but it probably won’t be Biden.

White House staffers will load some mean sounding words into the teleprompter and that will be considered Biden’s “attack” on Republicans.

Also, somebody needs to be kept in the loop:

At this point, the bunny might as well be the president — if it isn’t already.



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