When Barack Obama was president, Politifact gave him the distinct “Lie of the Year” dishonor for repeatedly promising Americans they’d be able to keep their plans and doctors after the Affordable Care Act passed. That of course was a huge pile of BS. Somehow though all of that qualified Obama to lead a movement against “disinformation” on social media. Obama got the effort rolling with an event this week at Stanford University. “‘Lie of the Year’ recipient battles disinformation” makes for quite the headline.

Joining Obama at the Stanford event was his former adviser Valerie Jarrett, who recently did her own bit of mask virtue signaling:

However, at Stanford, Stephen L. Miller noticed that the mask addiction wasn’t quite as severe:

Does Jarrett’s excuse sound familiar?

Ah yes, the “sophisticated, vaccinated crowd” explanation that we heard after Obama’s birthday party on Martha’s Vineyard.

The “vaccinated and tested” excuse doesn’t however seem to be an exception included in Stanford’s indoor requirements:

“Rules for thee but not for me” seems to be how science works for Dems like Jarrett.

And yet they wonder why there’s been such a backlash from the “ordinary” people.



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