It’s not even the middle of 2022 yet, but already people are setting their sights on the 2024 presidential election. The Washington Post has put together a list of top contenders for the Democrat nomination, and let’s just say it’s not a very strong lineup:

We’re just over a year into the Biden presidency and already it’s pretty much being assumed he won’t be running for re-election (even though the WaPo story has politely placed him at the top of the list for the time being).

And guess who isn’t even in the top two…

We’re a bit surprised she’s even third on the list.

Here’s the list in order from one to ten:

President Biden
Pete Buttigieg
Kamala Harris
Elizabeth Warren
Amy Klobuchar
Roy Cooper
Sherrod Brown
Cory Booker
Gavin Newsom
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

The people who might like the look of that list the most probably all work for the RNC.

Heckuva lineup, right?

It’s very likely that the results of the coming midterm elections cause the Dems to re-think their “raging leftist” approach. Then again, maybe not. They just keep doubling down on the very things that have dragged Biden’s approval rating into the abyss.

We noticed that too. Hillary might as well!



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