In response to President Joe Biden’s multiple gaffes this weekend while in Europe and talk of the 25th Amendment to boot President Joe Biden out of office trending on Twitter. . .

. . .The Federalist’s Mollie Heminway is offering up some helpful advice for Dems ahead of the 2024 election, tweeting that “it might be in the country’s best interest for [Vice President Kamala Harris] to resign and be replaced by someone competent before Biden resign:

Mollie was responding to this tweet pointing out how much the Kremlin actually knows about the Biden family and LOL:

“I realise everyone here is criticising Joe Biden. For all his many faults, and muddled-ness, Biden is still better, even when risking WW3, than his current successor. People who bought the ticket should enjoy the ride etc. Thankfully the Kremlin knows the whole Biden family…”

Yeah, good luck with that one, Dems:

LOL. So, who would replace Kamala?

OMG no. Just, no:

Maybe Colorado Gov. Jared Polis?

But we’re really struggling to come up with a name:

And just wait for Dems to screw this one up, too:



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