Florida’s economy did just fine all through the pandemic as people fled lockdown states for more welcoming and warmer climes. The Florida economy is about to get another influx of spending from out of state in the form of ads attempting to convince people to most to New York:

First of all, this point of order is always called for:

It doesn’t, but as everybody can see the narrative has taken off (with help from the media of course).

Gov. DeSantis’ press secretary Christina Pushaw actually welcomes the NYC mayor’s ad campaign in Florida:

And that’s the same mayor who wants everybody to believe that DeSantis is the one who doesn’t like kids?


Mayor Adams spending New Yorker tax dollars in Florida to attempt to lure people from Florida back to his city isn’t expected to sway many.


All based on lies about the Parental Rights in Education law. Good luck with that, Mayor Adams.

Those who were hoping NYC would be any different with Bill de Blasio out of office might be getting increasingly disappointed.



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