MSNBC’s Joy Reid interviewed Vice President Kamala Harris yesterday, and if you’re already cringing it’s only about to get worse.

We’ll kick things off with some of Harris’ thoughts on the Mississippi Delta:

Got that?

“So I am here, um because this is a community in the Mississippi Delta, that has a long history of, of being part of America’s history.”

Another quote for the ages from the veep!

Does anybody want to try and answer that question?

But wait, there’s more…

“I’ve been to Europe probably at least three times in the last four months.” That’s about three more times than the VP has been to the southern border.

Should Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas recuse himself over issues related to 1/6 because of his wife’s text messages? We’re not quite sure what Harris is trying to say here:

There’s one thing we’re used to when it comes to just about anybody in the Biden administration, and that’s when they start off an answer by saying “let me be clear,” what follows will murkier than the Missouri river:

Previously President Biden said that his comment in Poland that Putin “cannot remain in power” was just his personal opinion and doesn’t represent his own administration’s official position, so we’re not sure if Harris’ comment represents any official position.

What could possibly go wrong?



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