Just before the 2020 presidential election, about 50 former U.S. intelligence officials signed a letter that was used by many Democrats as well as the media to help put down stories about Hunter Biden’s laptop and its contents. The letter called stories about the laptop suspected Russian disinformation. Here’s just one example of how media reporting on the letter aided Democrat attempts to “fact-check” the story as false and Russian disinformation:

The New York Times’ recent report saying the laptop and its contents are real and not “Russian disinformation” (which is something that got some media and others suspended from social media for reporting before the election) should have sparked some massive backpedaling from those who signed the letter, not to mention from the media. Instead, at least in this case, one of the former intel officials is doubling down.

Richard Grenell noticed that former CIA official John Sipher is among those who won’t stop clinging to the narrative:

The New York Post’s Miranda Devine noticed one word in particular:

Grenell then called Sipher out:

The doubling and tripling down never stops.

What in the letter is wrong?

Max Abrahms says it’s time for Sipher to give it up:

Have any of the people (including Big Tech) even come close to apologizing instead of doubling down?




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